The Moneyocracy Project - A transmedia documentary about money and politics in the U.S

Welcome to the Moneyocracy Project.

Our appologies, we’re currently redesigning the website as the 5th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s ruling on Citizens United vs. FEC approaches, but

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What is the project about?

The Moneyocracy project is a long term transmedia project that explores the impact of current U.S campaign finance laws on the elections and U.S democracy.

The story takes its roots in the 2010 F.E.C versus Citizens United Supreme Court decision and analyses its consequences on U.S elections and for Americans. What are the legal & political implications of this decision? Is this the beginning of a new era when corporations will shape the political arena as their businesses ?

The project focuses on the rise of SuperPACs and their affiliated organisations the 501c4, their influence in the political debate during the 2012 election and beyond. An interactive documentary (i-doc), a documentary and a comic book will support the story, each one of them exploring a specific issue, allowing the “spectactor” to discover the real influence of corporate money in contemporary elections.

Gerald Holubowicz/Chewbahat Storytelling Lab

Jean Nicholas Guillo

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